Progress on “theologica”

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.18.26 AM

After a 1 1/2 month, daddy-day care induced hiatus, I’ve resumed work on “theologica”. iOS 7’s default look is a bit different than before, which means that I’ll have to do some serious reading to get it just right, but the basic layout of the app will remain the same. I finally got around to adding the penultimate category to my tab bar as well as some terms in that category. 

Image  Image

Eventually, I’d like to add an index bar to the right of each category, if possible. That, along with a search bar at the top of the navigation bar, would be the final touch. I’m still convinced that using dynamic table cells instead of static cells was the wrong decision, but I’ve made it too far to start over from scratch. I still don’t have an icon for the app itself. I’m considering the idea of an image that combines the discipline of monastic copyists with modern programmers.

This app will eventually be a theological dictionary based in the Catholic tradition with an ecumenical scope. It will be intended for high school and undergraduate theology students. I hope to have this finished sometime in June 2014.

Building an app is a very time consuming process, especially when you’re a novice. Because of that, I am learning to celebrate small achievements.

Thanks again to iconbeast for the icons.


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