Adonit’s Jot Script: A Notable Stylus For iOS


The stylus company Adonit has partnered with Evernote and created what could well be the first truly usable stylus for note-taking in iOS.  “Jot Script” was unveiled at the Evernote conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

Jot Script was designed to reflect the style of a high-end ball point pen with a ribbed grip around the aluminum barrel. It has the same metal finish, quality construction, simplicity, and weighted hand balance that Adonit styluses are known for.

Steve Jobs made the infamous “who needs a stylus?” comment in the context of user input on a screen when introducing the iPhone in 2007. In that context, he was absolutely right; your finger should be the normal means of input to the UI for basic operation, and the UIButton object in Cocoa Touch helped make using the iPhone’s touch screen second nature to its users. However, note-taking apps with options for drawing letters instead of typing them, have been in dire need of something like this for some time. In that context, fingers are nowhere as precise as a pen-point can be.

Adonit’s secret sauce is it’s Pixelpoint technology, which allows a tip of only 1.9 mm and is based on the same Bluetooth Low Energy technology that is slowly connecting the “internet of things”.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 3.24.56 PM

This feature will hopefully make writing on your iOS device a lot more intuitive. Adonit boasts that when paired with Evernote’s Penultimate note-taking app, the stylus will operate interactively with the content, which will automatically zoom in on the intended writing area of the screen.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 3.26.54 PM

The Jot Point stylus is currently priced at $74.99 and lists a shipping estimate of 4-6 weeks. A bit pricey, but perhaps worth it for the avid note-taker.

There are many people who love the portability of their iOS devices, but who do not necessarily love typing on them…students, journalists, etc. This stylus is aimed directly at them.

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